Innovative Designs, Limitless Possibilities:
Crafting Spaces that Tell Your Unique Story.


In our design studio, we redefine spaces, weaving creativity and precision to reflect your uniqueness. From concept to reality, we craft bespoke environments inspiring ideas, transcending the ordinary. Welcome to a world where innovation meets limitless design possibilities.
16 years + Experience
144 + Projects
12 + Awards

About us

Creating spaces that inspire people

Welcome to The White Room Studio, where we redefine design excellence by creatively addressing fundamental challenges in space, proportion, light, and materials. With meticulous attention to detail, we enhance every aspect of design, setting a distinctive standard for the interplay of materials and spatial elements.

In our view, spacial design is a unique art form which when applied correctly can greatly improve our everyday life. Each project, be it architecture, interior design, or landscape design, serves as a testament to our commitment to crafting spaces that resonate with timeless elegance and functionality. Experience a seamless experience with our one-point turnkey solutions, delivering unparalleled design and construction tailored to your needs, thus ensuring hassle-free, timely completion within the estimated budget.

Our process

Our three phase design strategy

By embracing these three C’s—Conceptualisation, Collaboration, and Construction—we not only deliver a design that exceeds your expectations but also cultivate a lasting and enriching bond with all our clients.


Discovery Phase: We engage in in-depth discussions with you to understand your vision, needs, and preferences. We explore your lifestyle or business requirements, ensuring a clear comprehension of the project’s purpose.

Conceptual Design: We develop a design proposal that outlines the overall concept, mood boards, and initial sketches. This proposal serves as a visual and conceptual roadmap for the project, aligning with your expectations.


Interactive Design Proposal: We foster an ongoing dialogue through regular design sessions and encourage you to provide feedback and share insights, ensuring the evolving design aligns with your vision.

Material and Finish Selection: We collaboratively finalise material and finish selections, taking into account your aesthetic preferences, functionality needs, and budget constraints. This step ensures your inputs and feedback into shaping your space.


Detailed Design Development: Transform the approved concepts into detailed designs and construction drawings to clearly communicate the design intent, incorporating architectural and interior details that align with our agreed-upon vision.

Construction and Management: Oversee the construction phase, ensuring that the design is translated accurately into reality, and maintain open communication with you, providing regular updates on progress and addressing any concerns promptly.


Explore through our signature design portfolio

Explore our curated portfolio to witness the diverse expressions of our design philosophy, showcasing our expertise in creating captivating spaces that seamlessly blend form and function.






Looking to start a new project?



Innovative designs that redefine spaces, ensuring a tailored solution where aesthetics meet functionality, creating homes and spaces reflecting your vision.


Interior Design

Crafting interiors that resonate with your lifestyle—functional, beautiful spaces reflecting your personality and enhancing the way you live.


Interior Styling

Elevate your space effortlessly with our curated styling, transforming it into a personalised haven that reflects your unique taste and comfort.



Transforming outdoor spaces into tranquil retreats, our landscaping expertise blends nature and design, enhancing your surroundings with serene beauty.



We bring your vision to life with precision and expertise, creating enduring structures that seamlessly blend functionality, style, and unmatched quality.


Turnkey Solutions

Streamline your project from concept to completion with our all-inclusive turnkey solutions. We handle every detail for a stress-free experience, delivering excellence.


What our clients say about us

“We went through this period of conceptualising, discussion, sketches and it was a wonderful experience for me and my wife, our first home in town and we went through that whole ideation process very, very smoothly. The understanding of budgets of our colour palettes, materials. Simplicity! we wanted a home which was like a studio apartment and I think we achieved that, and the end result eventually was fabulous.”

Designer, Craftsman, Writer, Educator

“Every aspect of the project was taken care of and was in sync with the timeline given. In their pursuit for creativity, they never compromised on space utility. Even my patients and colleagues from my Ayurvedic fraternity tell me that this space gives them a feeling of tranquillity and completeness.”

Ayurveda Doctor

“The White Room has taken us through this journey of settling down in our dream house. They planned everything, our inputs, vastu requirements, their aesthetics and materials etc. Every small details were shared with us and they involved us at every stage of the process, the feeling that it is ‘Our Home’ was never taken away from us. As a professional I found this approach very impressive.”

Civil Engineer

“We are very happy with our home’s new personality. What an amazing transformation. The colour pallet you brought to us resulted in a whole new modern image. We have nothing but raves and compliments from all of our friends, family and neighbours who have seen it. I’d like to thank The White Room team for all of your ideas, suggestions and your patience.”

Chartered Accountant

“Deepti has given me terrific colour and design consultation twice. She did so even when we were working with so many space constraints. Now our home is just beautiful. It’s hard to believe that in these few months of planning and dreaming it’s finally become a reality. Thank you Deepti and team!”

Brand Director

“How could we have done this without you? Thank you so much for all of your fantastic design work!!! I realise the project would not have gone as smoothly without all of your extra supervision and guidance. Looking forward to collaborate on all our future projects!”