“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness”

- Frank Gehry

a trusted name in the world of design

About us

The White room studio is built on the basic principles of exploring the bare beauty of materials. Here the focus has always been on exploring innovative ways of approaching fundamental problems of space, proportion, light, and materials.
The way in which a wall meets a floor, or how a door fits into a wall, flush or proud, are not mere details, they are as much architecture as the planning of a sequence of rooms in a gallery, or the composition of a facade.
We consider architecture, of all the arts, as the one that most depends for its expressive power on rubbing up against the gritty constraints of everyday life

Meet our Designers

Disney Davis

Architect & Partner

The studio’s Founding Architect, complete his B.Arch from Mumbai University with more than seventeen years of experience in the field of architecture and design. Enjoys working on projects with specialized concepts and finding solutions to challenging design problems and providing sustainable solutions. He sees every new project as an opportunity to meet and learn from new people and expand his understanding of how buildings change who we are and how we work.     

Deepti Jain

Architect & Partner

An Architect and Planner who completed her B.Arch from Mumbai university and further graduated in Real Estate Management & Housing Finance. She excels at combining logic and aesthetics to create spaces that are both functional and beautiful. She believes flexibility is key to creativity and problem-solving. Her passion for practical yet beautiful spaces, combined with her knack to solve complex problems that require elegant and unique solutions, make her a wonderful asset.