The Makeover studio


Where design meets opulence, every aspect of the salon experience is curated for the epitome of high-class allure and personalized luxury.

This hairstyling salon, situated in the Hiranandani estate township of Thane, boasts tall cross-vaulted spaces that instill a sense of grandeur. The generous use of reclaimed wood contributes essential warmth to the surroundings. Full-length mirrors strategically placed create the illusion of expansiveness. Centrally located clover-shaped hair stations not only foster an unobstructed atmosphere but also ensure client privacy. All storage, colour mixing, and ancillary functions discreetly reside away from the salon floor. Real wood’s warm tones and exposed bricks harmonise with the salon’s clean white walls. The external facade features brick arches adorned with wooden shutters and fluted glass, adding to the salon’s distinctive charm.